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Adults Diamond Ratings

Each adult may receive up to 5 purple diamonds, one each for meeting the following requirements.

Simba - Bernese Mountain Dog-2.jpg

The Purple Diamond Rating is designed to assist the clients we work with to receive the absolute best puppy to meet their needs. We also want to be a leader and advocate for healthy breeding practices which starts by choosing the healthiest and most qualified adults. No matter if the adult is a 1 to 5 diamond ranking we have ensured the adult is healthy and will parent a strong healthy puppy backed by our two-year genetic health guarantee.   


The dog must be registered and in good standing with the American Kennel Club.

Genetic DIAMOND.jpg

The dog must be tested genetically completely clear for DM(SOD1) and Von Willebrand(vWD). Some adults may be tested but may have one or two copies of the trait and therefore not receive a diamond. This does not mean it is not a health adult but we want to award our breeders who all strive to have completely clear adults by providing a diamond. When breeding we make sure there is a maximum chance of a single genetic trait being passed down to the puppy, but strive to have them genetic clear. Only double carriers have the chance of developing future health issues.  


To receive this diamond a dog must have passing grades on either OFA or PennHIP. An adult must be a minimum of two years of age for OFA testing and one year for PennHip. Females may not be tested after they are bread until the litter's weaning is completed. 

Bloodline DIAMOND.jpg

This diamond is reserved for adults that have breed show champions or high-quality imported bloodlines in their pedigree within the adult's past two generations. Choosing a puppy from an adult with this diamond may be for those looking to participate in breeding, show, therapy, or advanced training.  With this diamond you are more likely to get that big boxy lion like looking bernese mountain dog.

Good Citizen DIAMOND.jpg

The Good Citizen diamond is the newest addition to our rating system. It is reserved for an adult that completes and receives the AKC Good Citizen Certification for passing a 10 skill test. Studies show that interacting with a friendly pet can lower blood pressure, calm anxiety, alleviate pain, reduce stress and improve a person’s mood.

*The documents related to each adult's rating may be seen on the adult's profile page by clicking the View Documents button. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 

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