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"Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for a great puppy! Faith/Jenny has not had a single accident since we brought her home and is sleeping through the night in her crate already! Whatever you guys are doing works amazingly well! Thanks so much

- Previous Customer


I always enjoy getting photos of your little angels!  Each is cute as a button!  I purchased "Bean" (his name now "Kippy").  He just turned 10 months and is our beloved boy!!!!  God, we love this precious pup with all our hearts.  He pretty much runs the household as we spoil him something fierce.  This breed is so affectionate, and Kip eats up every one of our hugs and kisses.  One day, if we ever add onto our backyard, we have just got to bring home another of your pups.  God Bless you all for our having Kip in our lives!  It's like Christmas morning every day around here! 

Cordially yours, Susan

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We love hearing how our puppies are doing and seeing all the adorable photos we get when reaching out! It really is a blessing to have our pups in such AMAZING homes and see them grow up in healthy environments. Exercise, Love, and Care are so vital to a dog's life and we can tell that our customers provide the best :)

Be sure to text photos and updates to Jay at 330-621-3917 or email him at mountaindogcompanion@gmail.com