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Lets us help you find the perfect Mountain Dog Companion!


Our Story

Hi and welcome to Mountain Dog Companion! If you are looking for the perfect Mountain Dog Companion, then you have come to the right place. We are small family breeders that specialize in raising the highest quality and confirmation of Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs along with other mountain dog breeds.  It is very important that trust and the health of puppies are met at a high standard when adopting a new family member.


Why Choose Us?

Passionate Breeders

We are devoted to each puppy and socialize with them daily to ensure each puppy enjoys their newly found life.

Travel Experience

As much as we love meeting our puppy's new family we are happy to say we have had much success with our puppies traveling to their new home via air and ground pet transport.

Highest Quality

Our AKC Standards and goal to Health Test all Parents ensure you the happy and healthiest puppy money can buy.

Personal Touch

We can't wait to hear from you! Communication & Relationship building is of the utmost importance to us even after your new puppy comes home. 

Visits Welcome

We do invite you to plan a visit! We will work with you to schedule a time to meet with the breeder and puppies.

Health & Nutrition

Diet and exercise are as important to pets as they are to their owners. We take great pride in the temperament and health of our dogs and puppies.

Our Mission

We want to go above and beyond and to be as transparent as possible with our clients. We feel that it is very important when searching for the right puppy. You can see its parents and where the puppy is being raised. We provide as much information and detail on our website about our breeders, pedigrees, and so much more because the quality and health of our dogs are our top priority. We consider our clients like family and at any time you may call us with updates or any questions. Thanks, and we hope to fulfill your dreams with the best new companion.

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